Dart rules and use of shooting range target

In the 1930s, with the emergence of professional associations, professional competitions, and a large number of professional experts, darts became more specialized. Today, darts has become a very popular sport in Britain, France and the United States. There are many ways to play darts, and different rules are different, but the basic rules are the same.

Equipment darts
1. Athletes participating in the competition must bring their own darts.
2. The length of darts must not exceed 30 cm, and the weight of hard darts must not exceed 40 grams.
3. The dart must be equipped with a dart body, a dart shaft, a dart tip, and a dart wing.

Dart board
1. Set the score area: This area is the score area where the outer circle of the dartboard is calibrated.
2. Set the double zone: the narrow circle of the outer circle of the dart board is twice the zone of each score.
3. Set the triple zone: The narrow circle of the inner circle of the dart board is three times the score of each score zone.
4. Set the outer circle center: This area is set to 25 points (green).
5. Set the inner circle center: This area is set to 50 points, and this area is the double area (red) of the outer circle center.
6. Specifications and sizes on the shooting range target:
Dart board diameter: 453.0 (± 3.0) mm
Digital ring diameter: 436 mm, wire diameter 2mm
Separation ring diameter: 335mm, wire diameter 1mm
Dart board thickness: 38mm
Outer diameter: 31.8mm
Inner center diameter: 12.7mm
Double zone top arc width: 55 mm
Double zone, triple zone width: 8mm
Bottom arc width: 50mm
Three times the top arc width: 35mm
Bottom arc width: 30mm
The highest height of the upper section: 55mm
Lower partition height: 80mm
The arc at the bottom of the straightened area is: 5mm
The basic principle

Each round includes three darts.
1. Darts that have collapsed or fallen off the dart board must not be scored or recast. The 5-second rule of the tournament requires that after the third dart is thrown, any dart must stay on the dartboard for not less than 5 seconds before the score can be scored.

2. Basically, darts is a match between two players or two teams. The group can consist of two or more members. Team members from both sides take turns to throw.

3. Each player can throw nine darts before the start of the game, usually to warm up the athletes personally. After that, it is decided that everyone who is near the target center will start to throw darts.

4. Each player throws a round of darts when it is his turn, and then the player retrieves his own darts. If a player accidentally releases his dart by crossing his throw line or tripping accidentally, he will not be scored and may not re-throw.

5. The competitor can approach the dart board at any time to confirm the position of the dart, but be sure that no one can touch and touch the dart until the round is completed.

Type of darts game
301 and 501 are the favorite darts rules in the world, and have become the most standard tournaments in the world.

Ancillary rules: You can choose single / double bullseye, normal / double-in, normal / double- / triple-out.
A round is divided into ten rounds, and each player starts with 301 points. The player's points decrease as the darts are thrown. First, whoever first reduces the points to 0 wins. If after ten rounds of throwing, no player reduces the points to 0 , The player with the lowest points wins.

Ancillary rules: You can choose single / double bullseye, normal / double-in, normal / double- / triple-out.
Twenty rounds in a round, each player starts with 501 points, and the player's points decrease with the throwing score. The player who first reduces the points to 0 wins.