Have you seen a gun cabinet? Gun Rack Cabinet

Guns are unavoidable in the United States, so many people purchase a variety of different guns for their own use. Even a large number of true firearms enthusiasts will set up their own firearms room and firearm cabinet to store their collection of guns at home, mainly because they will buy a lot, dozens or hundreds of them are normal. As long as the owner does not need money, he can fill a house.
The firearms market is active, and the market for free peripheral products is also super developed. All kinds of supplies for stocking firearms have become a must for firearms enthusiasts. In addition, popular gunfight-themed movies will also allow many gun fans to follow suit to purchase movie-related peripheral products. Of course, good products are also expensive. Whether they can afford it depends on the economic strength of the gun fans.
For example, fans of the recent movie John Wick translated the name "Quick Chase" are blessed. At the firearms exhibition of the 2020 SHOT Show, a booth called Big Daddy Unlimited online gun sales platform displayed a customized high-end luxury weapon storage cabinet, which is said to be tailor-made to give back to the super fans of the movie John Wick of. The cabinet is also full of special firearms and custom tactical knives that are copied from the weapons used in John Wick's film.
In other words, this product can be sold not only in the gun cabinet, but also all the guns, knives and other items in it. In fact, it is not considered the luxury gun cabinet itself, the various firearms displayed in it are already very expensive. There are a total of 17 firearms in the cabinet, including H&K, FN, and CZ products from many famous firearms dealers, as well as a customized version of the firearms of the Taran Tactical School (this is the school where the protagonist Keanu Reeves learns about firearms) .
In terms of value, the total value of 17 firearms is US$47,197.44, plus two tactical knives of US$4,150, and the total amount of light firearms in the gun cabinet amounts to US$51,347.44.
In addition, there is a large Winston brand sofa under the gun cabinet, and an electric wine cabinet can also be pulled out under the sofa. The material of the gun cabinet is Italian marble, which is heavy and expensive. There is also a drop-down storage board above the gun cabinet. Two 24K "Wick" gold coins, a large cross necklace, a commemorative pencil, two tactical knives and a pistol quick-fitting set are placed in-line. There is also a hand-painted stamp in 24K gold on the outside of the cabinet door.
Such a luxurious preparation, basically if you have 100,000 US dollars on hand, then you can consider burning it. And the speed needs to be as fast as possible, because this gun cabinet is also available in a limited edition, only 10, that is, the rhythm of the hand is fast, the hand is slow~~~
Gun Rack Cabinet