History of Sports: History of Shooting

Clay target shooting is a competitive sport that combines subjective and objective factors such as talent, technology, psychology, and bullet environment. The basic categories are rifle shooting, pistol shooting, running shot, and UFO shooting.

Among them, the shooting posture of the rifle is standing posture, kneeling posture and lying posture. The standard target for rifles and pistols consists of 10 target rings, the outermost target ring is 1 point, and the bulls eye is 10 points. Rifle shooting is a slow-fire item, with a small blocking target, high accuracy requirements, and long competition time. The rifle shooting competition rules only limit the total shooting time, and do not make corresponding requirements for the single shot time.

In the shooting movement, each shooter needs to have the coordination ability to keep still under the conditions of asymmetric and unnatural posture structure. Throughout the shooting process, the shooter repeats the same set of actions for each shot, and maintains a high degree of consistency in the state of high concentration of energy and a very tense mood. Therefore, shooting is a highly competitive competitive sport.

Shooting includes not only rifles and air rifles, but also the UFO project that began in the second Olympic Games in 1900. The first UFO World Championship was held in 1929. Since then, the UFO project has become the main event of previous Olympic Games, World Championships, Asian Games and Asian Shooting Championship. The early Hida project was to shoot the flying pigeons, and later to shoot at the dish target. The flying saucer project is similar to hunting activities, and it is very interesting and popular.

Air gun targets shooting is also one of the main competitions of the shooting championships, which has strict rules on the use of guns. The weight of the pistol used in the pistol shooting competition does not exceed 1.26 kg. The pistol used in the slow firing of the women's 25-meter pistol is a 0.22 cm caliber, and the full barrel weight cannot exceed 1.4 kg, and the barrel length cannot exceed 15.3 cm. Of course, except for self-pistol guns, as long as the self-pistol guns meet the caliber requirements, archery is the skill of shooting arrows at a predetermined target with a bow.

There are individual and group events in international competitions. The most popular archery events are outdoor and outdoor archery competitions. The scoring method for archery is: 1 point for the white ring outside the target, and 10 points for the yellow heart. The distance between the archer and the target is 30 to 90 meters.

The arrows used in modern archery competitions are made of aluminum alloy or carbon material, consisting of arrows, shafts, tails and tails. The length is generally between 58 cm and 81 cm.

Shooting, as a highly competitive competitive sport, not only places high demands on the athlete's own physical quality, but also has strict quality requirements on the targets, air guns, arrows, etc. used for tactical target shooting.