Initial training method for teen amateur shooting

As the folding target shooting project itself is a large investment and expensive sports project, we often face the dilemma of lack of guns and less ammunition, and poor training venues. Under these difficult conditions, how to find and cultivate more useful talents in the country and reduce Waste of talent?

First, attention to general physical fitness and special quality training
First of all, we must rectify an understanding. Although shooting is a kind of static movement, it is different from basket, volley, foot, run, jump, and throw. But as a shooting athlete, you must have good strength, endurance, sensitivity, flexibility and other qualities. An excellent shooter must have good physical, technical, and psychological qualities and foundations, and the body is the foundation. In terms of strength, without strength, you will not be able to complete the amount required for training and competition, and you will not be able to grasp the basic basic movements. Without stamina, there is no stability of firearms, and loss of stability means no accuracy.

Adolescents are in the period of physical development, the nervous system is immature, and their endurance and strength are poor. Therefore, in the early stage of adolescent amateur shooting training, we must pay attention to the training of physical fitness and special quality, so that we can focus on future special Benefit from technical training. The rapid progress of performance is inseparable from good physical fitness and special quality. According to the characteristics of folding target shooting events, the specific content of physical training is as follows:
(1) Development of general endurance: long distance running, basketball
(2) Development of upper limb strength: push-ups, dumbbells, pull-ups, etc.
(3) Development of lower limb strength: one-foot jump, horse squat
(4) Development of waist and abdomen strength: sit-ups, prone-backed
(5) Development of sensitivity: hand exercises, games, football, basketball
(6) Develop the stability and long-term harmony of gun-raising: Permanent gun-raising and dumbbell lifting
(7) Development of balance ability: Swallow balance, closed eyes rotation

Second, we must highlight basic skills training and pay close attention to standardizing movements.
In view of the single and repeated repetition of the shooting technique, the entire technical activity lasts a long time, and the youth's ability to control themselves is poor. Therefore, strict requirements are required in training. Grasping the standardization of movements during the training of basic skills is also a solid foundation for the future training of excellent athletes. For example, in the slow firing of a pistol, the natural orientation is adjusted repeatedly and habitually becomes natural. Students not only deeply understand the importance of natural orientation, but also adjust the orientation before habitual standing, so as to train their ideology. Preparation.

Only when actions are standardized and consistent can they be guaranteed. Good ring numbers depend on good dispersal, and good dispersal depends on good movements. Good movements can only depend on the specification and consistency of movements.

Third, pay attention to psychological training
Psychological quality is especially important for folding target shooting. Today, shooting events have developed, and high-level athletes are everywhere. The key is who can play better in the game. Therefore, in normal training, we carry out Special training to enhance psychological quality and improve self-control ability to achieve the purpose of playing in the game. On the one hand, use human psychology to perform technical training to achieve the purpose of inspiring fighting spirit, enhancing confidence and strengthening action.

During training, players are required to play every live-fire practice according to the atmosphere of the game, and each time as long as the players play according to the usual training and play according to each action program, it is not important to tell students the success or failure of the game, it is important It is to play their own level, so as to reduce the burden of the team members' thoughts and lightly enter the battle.

Guide properly during normal training, such as simple gestures, so that team members can understand it; then, during normal training, pay attention to inspire athletes to gradually realize the impact of psychological activities on technology, so that athletes can consciously adjust their psychology and attention, so that students understand What the coach repeatedly emphasized is the meaning of "focus on action".

Fourth, focus on cultivating the spirit of hard work and hard work of team members
Folding target shooting training is singular and boring. Most of the time for amateur team training is empty-gun practice. Teenagers often start with training based on interest. As time goes by, they are prone to boredom. In addition, the amateur team ’s training conditions are more difficult. One game The physical strength and energy consumed are very large, and the competition is extremely cruel.

Therefore, for young athletes, firstly cultivate their strong interest in shooting training; secondly, based on the youth's strength to compete and not to lose, pay attention to cultivate their strong sense of competition from an early age, and use two forms of confrontation, men's and women's competitions to stimulate them Their interest and fighting spirit, and then inspired them with "excellent sports" deeds, and from a young age set up an ambition to win glory for the country.