Laser simulation shooting electric target.

This system is divided into a rifle indoor pneumatic shooting electric target simulation training system and a pistol indoor pneumatic shooting electric target simulation training system. In addition to the difference in simulation weapons between these two types of systems, the other hardware and software architectures are basically the same, and they have good versatility. When necessary, the training gun can be quickly changed. At the same time, these two types of systems have exactly the same space requirements for deployment.

1. Introduction to electric target equipment.

The electric target shooting system is composed of a 95-like rifle (or pistol-like) laser transmitter, a microcomputer, a lifting target box, an infrared receiving target surface, and a display voice scoring device. Simulated shooting can be carried out within the range of 10-100 meters. The electric target adopts a portable design, which is convenient to move in a multi-application environment.

2. The applicable scenarios of electric target.

The electric target is suitable for scenarios such as student military training simulation shooting, corporate military training simulation shooting, military exhibition shooting experience, red scenic shooting experience, and playground shooting experience. Suitable for young people, adults and other people of multiple ages, 2-5 minutes can quickly complete a complete experience process.

3. System composition of electric target.
The target path of each motorized target is composed of a 95-type laser shooter and a set of fixed targets. In the case of a multi-track system, it is equipped with a unified management bullet controller.