Ordinary orange shooting targets are generally made of what materials

Ordinary resin acid (C19H29COOH) and binder (IVGP-20) are used to replace coal tar pitch. Generally, it is necessary to use heavy calcium carbonate du calcium instead of gypsum powder to form composite materials. These composite materials are good materials that can be used to make shooting range targets. Generally speaking, these are composite materials that can be used to replace the world's traditional asphalt gypsum powder to make orange shooting targets. This material can also be used to make flying saucer targets for shooting.
The results show that the flying saucer target made of this material not only has better performance indicators than the asphalt saucer target, the broken fragments after the use of this material also have the function of environmental degradation, and are non-toxic, odorless, and odorless during production and use. No stimulation to people, no pollution to the environment.