Steel shooting targets: 8 methods for hanging steel targets(2)

Fire Hose
To have a creative suspension solution is to find something that is super durable and can withstand the impact of shooting. The old fire-resistant material was quite strong because it could withstand about one trillion pounds of water pressure per square inch.

Not only that, the fire hose has anti-twist performance. This means that when you hit the target, the target does not spin wildly. If you use two fire hoses you will have a very stable goal. It will still sway on impact, but will soon return to a stationary position, like a pendulum that is a bit tired. In addition, the heavy canvas material responds well to bullets passing through it.

Ultra high molecular weight polymer
UHMWPE is an ultra-durable plastic. This is something that runs along the bottom of the snowplow blade. Think about it, a truck shrinks at 30 miles per hour on the street, and a plastic strip absorbs and recovers itself from all bumps on the road. That's why people use it for some steel targets for shooting.Kiel is a big advantage. It's stiff enough to allow the target to swing like a pendulum on impact, but durable enough to handle several bullet attacks.

Inner tube
This is something that everyone can easily get-old (or new) bicycle inner tubes. If you don't have a worn out bike, just go to your local repair shop and buy one or two bike tubes. Rubber is easily cut with a knife or scissors and made into a great steel target hanging material. The weight supporting a heavy plate is strong enough that bullets will pass through it. When you destroy it, cut another length from the tube.

Reinforced steel target frame
Rebar is cheap and easy to find. It's strong and resilient, and if it's broken or broken, it's not expensive or difficult to replace. Although it is not the lightest material in the world, these tiny rebars are easy to transport on any vehicle.

Shepherd's hook
Here are ready-to-use hangers and stands from Champion Range and Target. It's made of a steel bar, hooked at the top, so you can hang most steel gongs or targets with holes like the large steel targets in the center of the Champion AR500. The base has a sharp angle made from the middle pillar to a 90-degree angle relative to the reinforced material. This gives you a beautiful foot platform where you can step on the unit to push to the ground.